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Sonam Dudeja --- International Makeup Artist Profile

               An Indian born, Canadian based make-up artist, Sonam Dudeja has done her Indian debut at the Bharat & Dorris Hair and Makeup Fashion Week  in Mumbai.  Sonam started off her career in the fashion industry, as a model, at the tender age of 13.  After doing a few runway shows, photo shoots, and winning a few local pageants, she got very much fascinated in the "behind-the-scenes" of the industry.  

                "At an early I realized that models and performers are simply an unpainted canvas and it takes a team of talented individuals to create the entire painting, not only of the model, but of the entire event as well.  Stage set up, cameras, backdrops, props, music, outfits, and makeup etc.  I decided I needed to step it up a notch and allow my creative abilities to run wild.  In my college days I decided to study Fashion Designing, it was a stressful yet fulfilling experience.  After graduating  I asked myself 'why stop now?'"

                Sonam realized that make-up artistry was like her 'first love she had forced to break up with' because of her villainous mother's un-approval for this career.  During her pageant days, she would assist her fellow contestants with their make-up and do a far better job than the artists on site.  For this quality of hers, she had won an award of "Miss Congenial Personality", unanimously voted by all the contestants of the pageant.  She proudly hung up her sash, among all her other sashes, and decided that it was enough!  Nobody can interfere in her love affair with Make-up.  She applied to one of Toronto's best make-up schools for film, fashion + television, and studied make-up and airbrushing.  Since her parents didn't support her decision, she even took up a student loan to pursue her passion. Her love for make-up artistry grew so much, that she yet wanted to continue exploring different markets of the world, and what better place to start than Mumbai, she thought. She packed her bags and flew to Mumbai and then aquainted herself with Bharat & Dorris, where she continued to study the art of Make-up.

                "When there is a will, there is a way.  A country like Canada supports young individuals who want to learn, and provides resources like scholarships and no-interest loans.   So there was no excuse for me." Her parents now are extremely proud of her and support her in every way for her future endeavours.  Sonam wants to take it even farther as she plans to study special effects + prosthetics in the near future. “When I watch a film, I am always amused with the technique they use to illustrate cuts, bruises, or weird creatures ripping out of a person’s diaphragm.  I know it might be strange that I love 'gore,' because it is a form of art to me.  Some genius took a few hundred hours to create that creature, even if it was from some old-school Ramsay horror film! I just 'Love it!'"

                Along with pursuing her design career simultaneously.  She now plans to spread Bharat & Dorris name in North America, and hopefully all over the world.  It doesn't look like this multi-talented girl is going to stop any time soon.

                "There is yet so much to learn, and I am not even at a fraction as experienced as my mentors, Bharat sir + Dorris ma'am.  However with such positive, experienced and encouraging people supporting me and giving me such a platform to expose my talent, I must not let such well-wishers down.  I thank Bharat + Dorris for making me a part of their 'talented' team."


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