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Beauty Tips


How do YOU feel when you look at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning? Do you like what you see? How does it make you feel? Want the bags under your eyes to vanish, skin to look more supple and smoother or your hair to just stay manageable?

If you have these questions then let me tell you that you are no different from any other woman. We all are extremely self critical and pin-point the smallest little details which we think are flaws to ourselves. As much as the beauty industry has to offer us with a variety of products, services and procedures, it plays on our needs to feel good about ourselves by introducing “new and improved solutions” to our problems. From weight loss pills to Botox in a tube, we have it all.

So to avoid being overwhelmed by all this, read the next few tips which will simplify your beauty regimen and make you look like a million bucks! Listen up “to-be-brides” this is especially important for you as you want to look well groomed and fresh for your big day, especially when realistically, you are on 2 hours of sleep per night.

Colour Profile- what colours suit you?

Confused about which lipstick shade will look good on you? Or that bottle green eye shadow looks wonderful, but will it work for me? Good news is that you can really wear pretty much any colour you want provide it is the correct shade. For example, the bottle green eye shadow looks lovely on the display, however a moss green works better with your complexion. Therefore, there are two factors to consider: your present hair colour and your skin tone. The lighter the hair, the lighter the shades of colour you apply and vice versa with darker hair. Secondly, your skin tone helps determine a balance- when you look at your skin tone, do you see hints of warm yellows, or do you see cool rosy pinks? Once you have identified that, your job becomes easy instantly. Again, the warmer your skintone, the warmer the shades you should choose. For example, if you have light brown/caramel hair and your undertone is yellow, then you should opt for golds, ivory, rich browns and bronze. Not to say that yo u cannot wear pinks or purples- by all means go ahead. You must just balance them out well.

Here is a Yes and No chart to make your life simpler when choosing shades.

 Profile Eyeshadows for you Your blush pallet Complimenting Lipshades Big No No’s
Blond/Light Brown hair with Cool/Pink undertones Slate greys, icey blues, lilacs, mauves, navy or grey mascara Sugar or rosey pinks Translucent glosses with pink tints, lip stains Warm yellows or orange shades
Blond/Light Brown hair with warm/yellow wkin Browns, shimmery golds, ivory, apricot Tawny brown, peach, pinkish brown Corals, browns, peachy pinks Blueish pinks and purples
Red hair and pale skin Peach, orange, light green, beige Tawny pinks or light peach Orange red, terracotta browns Too much blush
Dark/Black hair with pale skin Cool grey, ivory, silver, rich plum Pale shades: Rose pink, light pink Crimson, plums and jewel tones Any colour blush other than the ones mentioned
Dark/Black Hair with warm skin Olive,rust,copper,chocolate brown, earthy colours Tawny browns and apricots Orange reds, bronze, gold cheek highlights Blues and dark pink/magentas
Dark/Black hair with Light black skin Charcoal greys, bitter sweet chocolate, pale shades and black mascara Pastel shades Nudes, nude shimmer and glosses. Warm pinks and browns Bright primary colours
Dark/Black Hair with dark black skin Navy blues, golds, and dark browns Plums and dark browns with gold check high lights Glassy plums and deep reds Foundation which is light for you. Must be the perfect shade
Skin Regimen

We looked at colour profiling earlier but no make up looks good without good skin. It’s just as a canvas that has not been prepped for the paint deposits. So here are a few simple steps to follow.

Normal to oily skin- use foam cleansers and exfoliate once a week with a scrub that contains micro-beads. Follow with an alcohol free toner to minimize pores, and accompany with an oil free moisturizer and sunscreen combination lotion.

Normal to dry skin- First and foremost, drink two and a half litres of water every day. Avoid products with any alcohol or soap. Use cream cleansers and heavier moisturizers with higher SPF’s. Other hydrating products incluse facial mists that can be used for instant hydration even over your make up. Moisturizing facemasks also help improve the flaking of dry skin.

Recipe for Moisturizing face mask: ½ an avocado, ¼ cup honey. Puree them together and apply. Leave on for five minutes and rinse.

Combination Skin: Steaming is essential to balancing out your skin. Other products to enhance and balance your skin are cleansing bars, pore strips, exfoliating scrubs, oil free moisturizers, and eye cream.

Sensitive Skin: Chamomile tea is your best friend! Soak a chamomile tea bag in some lukewarm water and wash face with it. Leaves skin soft supple and without any irritation. Make a mask with 1 cup yogurt and ½ cup oatmeal. Apply and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Maturing Skin: A few products can make a world of a difference. A good alpha-hydroxy cleanser or serum, a rich heavy moisturizer, a vitamin e serum, rich eye cream, and the Highest SPF sunscreen you can find. Using these products on a daily basis will help you save those bucks on all those expensive cosmetic treatments.


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